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Jabra PanaCast: The Little One With The Latest Features

Jabra PanaCast: The Little One With The Latest Features

Many companies are now adopting video conferencing as a means of communication, so manufacturers are introducing new technologies into their hardware and software portfolios to meet the demands of these companies. In this article, we’ll be reviewing the Jabra PanaCast, the world’s “first intelligent video solution” from audio solutions experts, Jabra. 

The Jabra PanaCast has many innovative capabilities, including a 4K panoramic camera, 180-degree field of view, 2 built-in microphones, and plug-and-play compatibility. These features offer an overall very good conferencing experience for all its users.

Jabra’s goal is to provide tools that increase workplace efficiency. Backed by Jabra’s 150 years of expertise in audio and video conferencing, PanaCast’s capabilities are unquestionable.


The PanaCast has many new and innovative features, here are some features of Jabra PanaCast:

1. Panoramic Image

The PanaCast uses three 13 MP 4K resolution video cameras to produce 180-degree images. The advantage is that it can cover more people on one screen. It uses wall-to-wall coverage in Panoramic-4K so any room can be used for video calls. This feature allows companies to cover a wider area of the meeting room compared to other conferencing devices. For smaller rooms, the advantage of the PanaCast’s wide-angle camera is even more evident. There is no area in the conference room that PanaCast cannot cover. 

2. Intelligent Zoom

The Jabra PanaCast (PanaCast Vision) PC software is supported with intelligent zoom (ePTZ). This allows the camera to zoom in (or crop the image) to accommodate the speakers in front of the camera. This process is carried out dynamically based on who enters and exits the conference room area to provide an optimal picture.

3. Real-time Whiteboard Sharing

Jabra’s new function utilizes a unique 180° field of view to share information digitally from up to three whiteboards. You can quickly switch between the two thanks to the easy-to-use Jabra Vision app. This groundbreaking program highlights your whiteboard material in real-time, from any location in the room, and displays it prominently in your meeting so no material is missed.


The PanaCast is a plug-and-play camera compatible with most video conferencing applications, including Cisco Webex, Zoom, Hangouts, and Slack. You can use this Microsoft Teams & Zoom certified device with a variety of video calling applications, including Skype.


The Jabra PanaCast may have started its journey as a meeting space solution, but over time, it has become one of the most attractive devices for any work environment located anywhere. The simplicity of plug and play, smart video, and the best user experience Jabra brings to you make this camera practically unbeatable.


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