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Logitech announces new meeting room, work-from-home solutions certified for Google Meet

Logitech announces new meeting room, work-from-home solutions certified for Google Meet

Logitech has announced new solutions for Google Meet that optimize both the meeting room experience and the work-from-home experience for hybrid teams. 

A consistent meeting experience in any room

For those heading back to the office, Logitech room solutions make it easier for Google Workspace users to start and join video meetings. Logitech Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini raise the bar for video collaboration, and both are now certified for Google Meet. With these great options – Rally Bar Mini for small rooms, Rally Bar for mid-sized rooms, and Rally Plus for large rooms – you can deliver a consistent Google Meet experience across all your meeting spaces.

Our most advanced video conferencing devices, Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini are all-in-one video bars with brilliant optics, room-filling audio, and AI-driven performance. Both devices enable remote collaboration that is as natural and productive as being there in person.

One of the most exciting features in Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini is the AI Viewfinder, a second built-in camera dedicated to computer vision. This secondary camera uses scene awareness to inform RightSight auto-framing and camera control, making sure all in-room participants are seen clearly.

Later this year, Logitech room solution kits for Google Meet will include Rally Bar or Rally Bar Mini; a Google Meet compute device; and Logitech Tap for one-touch join, wired content sharing, and center-of-room control. All Logitech room solutions are remarkably easy to set up and use, with device management at scale through Google Workspace Admin Console.

Together with Google Workspace, we are focused on leveling the playing field for distributed teams. We want to ensure that whether people are working from home, in the office, or on the go, everyone has an equitable and high-quality meeting experience. 

Dramatically improving the work-from-home experience

That brings us to the desktop. Just as it is important for people in a conference room to be seen and heard by remote participants, people working from home or elsewhere also need to look and sound their best.

Logitech announced Logi Dock, an all-in-one docking station with easy meeting controls and a built-in speakerphone designed to work seamlessly with Google Meet. Designed for personal workspaces, private offices, and focus rooms, Logi Dock makes joining Google Meet meetings as easy as one touch and delivers enterprise-grade audio for your calls. It’s simple to set up, connects your desktop peripherals, and eliminates workspace clutter for more productive workdays. 

Upon certification, Logi Dock will join the already expansive portfolio of Google Meet–certified Logitech products that include MeetUp, the Rally family, the C925e webcam, and Zone headsets.


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