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The Difference Between Jabra Speak 510 and Speak 510+

The Difference Between Jabra Speak 510 and Speak 510+

Jabra Speak series speakerphone is the perfect size for small conference rooms, gathering rooms, and individual use. The device is easy to use, with Plug and Play technology and excellent sound quality. The Speak 510 device is among the most popular of the series as it offers a wireless connection via Bluetooth.

Maybe most of you are wondering “What is the difference between Speak 510 and Speak 510+?” The only difference between the 2 versions of the 510 is the USB Link 370 Dongle, which is included with the Speak version 510+. For other Jabra Speak 510 or 510+ features, you can visit our In-Depth Review of Jabra Speak 510

Advantages of using the USB Link 370 Dongle

Jabra Speak 510+ with USB Link 370 Dongle

Many people want to use wireless speakers for flexibility, usually, they choose speakers with Bluetooth connectivity features. However, most of those who use Bluetooth speakers don’t work if the distance between the phone, music player, or laptop and the speakers is more than 30 feet. In some cases, Bluetooth speakers produce a weaker sound and also lack the richness and depth of sound found in regular speakers. For those of you who want to use wireless speakers, but avoid using Bluetooth, you can use a device with a USB Link 370 Dongle like the one on the Jabra Speak 510+. 

The USB Link 370 dongle is the only difference between the Speak 510 and 510+. But it’s a pretty significant difference, as the USB Dongle gives you a range of up to 100 feet with the Speak 510+ from your computer. This allows you to position the speakerphone wherever you need to, completely wirelessly. A plug-and-play USB dongle ensures quality sound and an extended wireless range up to 100 feet. When the Link 370 is connected to your Jabra speakerphone, HD Sound lets you experience high-definition, crystal-clear sound and enjoy true-to-life conversations. In addition, HiFi Audio Streaming with A2DP allows you to stream music in superb HiFi quality. 

We recommend the Speak 510+ for this reason, even though the Jabra Speak 510+ is more expensive than the Speak 510. The Jabra Speak 510+ will provide a better experience for listening to music and making conference calls.


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