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The Differences Between Consumer and Professional Headsets

The Differences Between Consumer and Professional Headsets

Over the past year, with the Work From Home (WFH) concept applied by various companies to date, all office activities such as receiving business calls or meetings are held virtually. Of course, we need devices to support our work, such as headsets. However, not all headsets are created equally. We highlight some of the key differences between consumer and professional headsets to help you choose which headset is best for you. From price to quality, there are many things to consider when choosing a headset, here are some criteria for choosing a headset. 

Designed for different uses

Consumer headsets are designed primarily to enhance your music and media experience while you go about your daily routine. That’s why they created sweat-resistant earbuds for those living an active lifestyle, as well as truly wireless earbuds for listeners who travel a lot.

On the other hand, professional headsets are designed to enhance the professional experience. You can make business calls in the morning, listen to podcasts at lunch, and deliver important presentations in the afternoon with a single headset from your home office. 

Sound quality

Many of us make calls and virtual meetings throughout the day. It has become part of the daily routine of today’s professionals. That’s why you need a device that offers excellent audio, reduces ear fatigue and offers the best possible experience because virtual calls and meetings can take up a lot of time.

Sound quality also has a big influence on how well we can achieve this. Speaker size, form factor (in-ear, on-ear, or over-ear), and noise cancellation are some of the main aspects that contribute to sound quality (passive or active). While consumer headsets typically benefit from quality music and media, high-end professional headsets offer the best audio quality. 

Call quality

During this pandemic, many of us have had to deal with various distractions from working from home. Sounds from upstairs neighbors, construction noises outside the house, or the sound of pets are things you often experience during virtual meetings. You need to find ways to reduce these call interruptions so that you can deliver presentations or make calls with customers without interruption. 

Consumer headsets can be used to make calls, but professional headsets provide the best overall noise canceling. Professional headsets also provide seamless control over the calling experience through the use of various mute options. 


In a fast-paced hybrid work environment, staying connected is critical for workers. Headsets (like all other technologies) are increasingly wireless. Despite the elimination of the default connection between devices, the wireless revolution has resulted in increased connectivity options. Many headsets, both consumer and professional, can connect to two different devices at the same time. With certified professional devices, you can enjoy a better and smoother multi-connectivity experience across a wider range of brands and devices. This allows you to easily switch from conferencing on your PC to calling on your phone.


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